Camp Cackalacky Handbook and Rule

Handbook and Rules

Camp Cackalacky Camper Handbook

Welcome to the Camp Cackalacky Camper Handbook! We are excited to be hosting Camp Cackalacky, a summer camp weekend at Monroe Camp and Retreat Center for adults. August 17th-19th. Check in will begin at 4pm and run until closing ceremony about 2:00 pm Sunday. Monroe Camp and Retreat Center is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes southwest of Raleigh, at 24501 Camp Monroe Rd. Laurel Hill, NC 28351. A weekend for our campers to be a kid again! You will meet new friends, laugh a lot, try new things and have fun. Did you loved summer camp and wish you could go back? What? You never went to summer camp? Now is your chance! Campers must be at least 21 years old as beer and wine will be served. The cost of your ticket includes, 6 meals, snacks, 2 nights lodging, all organized activities and events, beer and wine during meals and evening activities, camp t-shirt and not to mention the best summer camp experience yet. To guarantee your preferred t-shirt size, registration must be received by Aug 3, 2018. Tickets are not refundable once purchased, but they are transferable. Again, to guarantee t-shirt size all transfers need to be made by Aug 3, 2018. Campers are responsible for their own transportation to and from camp. Parking will be available at no extra cost. Driving Directions. Check in begins at 4pm on Friday, August 17th. If campers are going to arrive late, please notify the directors to let them know your arrival time. All campers must check in by 7:30pm on Friday night to enjoy the weekend, check ins will not be accepted after that. If you must leave early make sure to notify a Director, no re-entry will be allowed to Camp if a camper leaves. Camp Cackalacky has a wide range of activities planned for the weekend. The weekend will have both planned group wide events, like the Talent/No Talent Show and Color War. As well as, you will choose your activities on Saturday to make your own unique schedule. We will have archery, high ropes, paddleboarding, relays, field games and more. Although the schedule is a loose one, we encourage you to get involved to make this the best camp experience around. Saturday scheduled activities are flexible and if you decide to switch to a different one that is fine, or if you want to just have an hour to relax that is fine too. Please be aware that due to staff and equiptment space maybe limited at some activities. If you decide to go to an activity that is already full at sign up and you may need to wait a little to participate.


Camp Cackalacky is providing a fun and safe environment for our campers and staff. Although we hate the word rules we have to go over some. Campers who have a lapse in judgement and forget the rules or just intentionally break them may be asked to leave Camp Cackalacky. We will not tolerate anyone who threatens the safety of other campers, staff or themselves. Activities - No swimming, canoeing or paddle boarding without a lifeguard or at night. There will be designated times campers will be allowed to use the lake and pool. All campers on the lake must wear a life jacket, feel free to bring your own if you have one. High ropes and archery will be held during activity time when properly trained supervision is available. Age - Camp Cackalacky is for anyone who turns 21 years of age on or before August 17, 2018. ID's will be checked at check in. Alcohol - No outside alcohol will be allowed, we will provide all the alcohol you need. Enjoy a mimosa with breakfast, wine punch with lunch and beer or wine during evening activities. Hard alcohol is prohibited at Camp Cackalacky. For the safety of the campers and staff alcohol will only be served at meals and evening activities. If you were looking for a weekend of drinking all day and laying around, this may not be the camp for you. Drugs, Weapons, Explosives and Firearms - No illegal drugs of any kind will be allowed. Any use of illegal drugs will have you removed from the property and could be reported to the proper authorities. Leave the weapons, explosives and firearms at home. Camp activities will be explosive enough. Pets - No pets will be allowed, sorry Fido, camp is for kids. Quiet Hours - You are sharing sleeping quarters with others, we will enforce quiet hours in the cabins and bunk area from 10pm - 8am. If you come into your cabin late, we ask you use a flashlight to help you get into bed and not disrupt anyone who might be sleeping. Early risers are welcome to step outside and enjoy a walk, run, or just the fresh air. Re-entry - If you have to leave early we understand, please let a Director know before you go so we are not looking for you. For the safety of everyone, if you leave Camp Cackalacky before the closing ceremony you will not be permitted back into camp. Respect - Respect yourself, each other and the space around you. Camp Cackalacky welcomes campers of all genders, colors, ages over 21, sexualities, religion and backgrounds. We hold ourselves and our campers to high standards of acceptance. We are renting Monroe Camp and Retreat Center for the weekend, we expect you to take care of their facilities and leave it the way we found it. The camp environment is always a friendly one, there is always a lot of touching, high fives and even hugging. Make sure you have consent from another camper before touching them in anyway.