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  • How do I register for Camp Cackalacky and what is the cost? What does it include? What is the registered deadline?
    Cost - $250 per person. Tickets include 2 nights lodging in cabins, 6 meals and snacks, activities, beer and wine (sorry no hard liquor is permitted on the premises and no BYOB is allowed), Camp Cackalacky color war t-shirt, and a whole lot of F-U-N! We will accept registrations until the day of, if space is available, but register by Aug 3 to guarantee t-shirt size.
  • What is the refund policy?
    Sorry, all sales are final. Tickets are transferable, but to guarantee t-shirt size they need to be made by Aug 3, 2018.
  • What time does Camp start and end?
    Check in will begin at 4pm Friday, Aug 17th and will end shortly after lunch on Sunday, Aug 19th about 2pm.
  • How do I get there?
    Camp Cackalacky will be held at Monroe Camp and Retreat Center, 24501 Camp Monroe Rd. Laurel Hill, NC 2835. There will be plenty of parking, but you still might want to carpool. Driving Directions
  • What if I want to drink all day and party all night?
    While there will be adult beverages included in the weekend, camp is more than just drinking the day away. We encourage all of our campers to explore new things and relive your favorite camp activity by signing up for a schedule. Beer and wine will be served during meals and evening activities.
  • Can I come late and leave early?
    If you are going to arrive after 6pm Friday, please contact the director prior to let us know of your arrival time. Check ins will not be accepted after 7:30pm Friday night. If you need to leave early for any reason, we will be sad to see you go. For safety reasons there will be no re-entry allowed to the camp. Ticket prices will not be prorated for late arrivals or early departures.
  • Can I sign up alone? With my friends, husband/wife or partner?"
    Yes, Yes, and Yes. Camp Cackalacky is a great way to meet new people while enjoying time with the ones you already know. Campers will be divided into color war teams and cabins and group activities so single campers will quickly meet friends. Those that come together will have the option of bunking together, and be on the same color war team. We encourage all of our campers to sign up for activities they think they will enjoy and mingle with all the campers. Bunk request are not guaranteed, the earlier you register the better chance that request will be granted.
  • Where will I sleep?
    Cabins will be assigned to campers prior to their arrival and given out at check in. You will be able to request a coed or single sex cabin or let us know you have no preference, during the registration process. Early registration will help assure your bunk request. Cabins hold 6-10 twin beds, with a camp mattress inside the building as well as, some have two beds on the screened in porch. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag, or twin sheets/blanket and pillow. All cabins have electricity, some have air conditioning and some rely of the freshness of the great outdoors to blow through the screened windows. Bathhouses are located in a separate building and are single sex. If your bunk assignment is going to make or break your weekend, please email us directly.
  • How will I know what to do while I am there?
    You will be given a schedule with your welcome packet that will outline the times and events of the weekend. During check in, campers will sign-up for Saturday activities to set their own schedule. Evening activities are camper wide and Sunday will be color war where you will complete with your team in planned events.
  • What is Talent/No Talent Show?
    Do you have a real talent you want to showcase? Sing? Magic? Maybe a little stand up comedy? We want to see it! If you don't, think camp style talent. Get your friends together for a dance, skit or lip sync just like you use to at camp. Get creative!
  • What if I don't want to go to the activitiy I signed up for?
    Although you will sign up for activities, this is a suggested schedule. If you meet someone and want to join them at their activity instead of yours, fine go ahead. If you decide you want to just relax with a book, sit in the sun or take a nap during your activity, fine go ahead. This is your camp experience, we want you to enjoy it to the fullest. But this is camp, so we encourage you to try something new or do something you don't get to do at home. Please remember that there will be limited space at some of the activities, so if you are not signed up for that time slot and go to an activity that is full, you might need to wait a little while to participate. Example: There are only 14 canoes, if more people go to that activity than there are life jackets and canoes you may need to wait until someone returns the equipment before you can have a turn. Thank you for your patience.
  • Where do I put my valuables?
    Don't bring them. No seriously, during the weekend everything is included so there is no need for money or credit card. We would love for you to disconnect for the weekend and leave your cell phone elsewhere. We will give you an emergency number to give to loved ones back home in case someone has to get a hold of you. And we will be taking plenty of pictures to document the weekend. Camp Cackalacky takes no responsibility for lost, stolen or broken items.
  • Do I need my cell phone?
    We would love to ask you to put the phones away and disconnect for the weekend. To encourage that we will provide you with an emergency number for you to give out just in case. We will have staff taking a ton of photos during the weekend, that will be available for download after the event so you won't miss anything. Camp Cackalacky is not responsible for lost, stolen or broken valuables.
  • What do I pack?
    A full packing list will be sent to you before your arrival with all the essentials you will need. Items on it will be bug spray, sunscreen, and pajamas. We will also add some extras to the list, like your costume for the dance party, anything you may need for the Talent/No Talent show, your guitar. We will also add a list of items we ask you not to bring.
  • How can my company become a sponsor?
    We are looking for many sponsors for this event. Email us at to find out how you can get involved.
  • I have a specific question that wasn't answered.
    Email any questions or concerns to
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